Lottery 11-11-11 / Loteria 11-11-11 de la ONCE

Here’s the link to the official website ONCE

Este es el sitio web oficial de la ONCE

Here are the winners for the 11-11-11 lottery / Aqui estan los ganadores de la loteria 11-11-11:
49170, series 74
60884, series 18
77277, series 76
58520, series 124
56850, series 135
97110, series 132
93372, series 65
71958, series 111
69793, series 001
92199, series 96
14278, series 81
Si tienen unos de estos 11 numeros, se han llevado 1 millon de euros! / If you have one of the above, you have won 1 million euros!
26516, series 13
Si tiene este numero y serie, se han llevado 11 millones de euros! / If you have this number and series, you have won 11 million euros!

The Lottery is big in Spain. Today is particularly important as ONCE, one of the two lottery organizations in the country has its biggest drawing of the year: 11/11/11.  All 12 million tickets have been sold out, 60 million euros have been raised of which 45 million will be dealt out in prizes with the top prize being 11 million and 11 smaller prizes of 1 million euros each and so on.  In the end, 12 million euros will go for charitable causes.  Payouts are tax-free to Spanish citizens.

11/11/11! If you buy into this superstitious date then you’ll probably also want to buy its special lottery!

Each ticket is called a “cupon” and went for 5 euros each. ONCE itself is a charitable oprganization established over 70 year ago and employs over 40,000 people with disabilities. You’ll often see them selling “cupones” in the streets or entering cafes to offer a share in the lottery. You can also buy tickets at kiosks all around Spain. In big cities, you’ll find one almost every 150 meters:

Pretty cool office with a view!

Today’s 11/11/11 lottery drawing is special, but ONCE has daily drawings as well at 1.50 per ticket. Beware scammers who will try to sell you tickets online, ONCE does not sell tickets on the internet. But if you shred your ticket or put it through the washing machine, don’t fret. ONCE will honor it as long as enough of it can be reconstructed. There have even been cases where people LOST the ticket altogether and, as long as they could prove that they bought it, it was honored. Eyewitness accounts or posting your number to your blog, for example, could bolster your case.

Suck it! This is MY proof of purchase!

I bought two tickets for this drawing.  One in Sevilla and one is San Sebastian. Many Spaniards also participate in a pool in their office. I bought one while sitting in a cafe with coworkers who promptly groaned and grudgingly bought one themselves. Later, I was taken aside and informed about a peculiar Spanish quirk. Spaniards can’t bear the thought of being left out of a big payout if they had the opportunity to buy in. So if you buy a lottery ticket in front of your friends, chances are they will buy one too.  Try it.

11/11/11 drawing is cool and many Spaniards participate, but it’s nothing compared to the Christmas drawing sponsored by the state lottery.  98% of all Spaniards participate and the payouts dwarf this drawing.  More on that in December!  Good luck to all ticket holders!



8 thoughts on “Lottery 11-11-11 / Loteria 11-11-11 de la ONCE

  1. Sally Wendt says:

    Very nice!… :-) Looking forward to more lottery info posts soon. Regards, Sally Wendt

    • Tengo dudas de la ONCE. No puede ser coincidencia que no venden cupones con numeros que contienen triples, pero cada vez más toca a estos números. Hoy otra vez 83777. De este manera la ONCE no tiene que pagar mucho a ganadores. Me parece una estafa.
      No puede ser que los números que ya no venden en cupón tocan tantas veces.

  2. All winning numbers are posted above. Congrats to the winners!

  3. TodoterrenosBaratos says:

    That quirk you point out is so accurate, even social psychologist Robert Cialdini has written about it in his works.

  4. I was in Spain on vacation and bought a ticket for this lottery, but now I can’t find the winning numbers. Do you know where I can locate them on line? Thank you!

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